cranberry scrub


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New concept of Scrubs 3 in 1, exfoliates, heats and treats. Without preservatives, made of natural ingredients, this unique skincare product is presented in a set of 5 single use and disposable blisters of 15g. 

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Subjected to rigorous climatic conditions, cranberries synthesize effective ingredients, such as polyphenols and tocotrienols, enhancing skin protection. They act in synergy for a powerful anti-ageing effect.


Ω3 and Ω6 fatty acids reinforce the skin hydrolipidic film in both products. This moisturizing effect is strengthened by the grape seed oil which wraps the skin in a film. After the treatment, the skin is really soft and nicely perfumed


These products will amaze you by their lightness, smoothness, softness and textures. Their delicate fragrance will delight you. Their particular natural heating effect, once in contact with water on your skin, is so surprisingly effective! The skin is exceptionnally pampered, impurities & toxines are captured, it is purifyed, detoxifyed.

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