Aloe vera gel 98% pump


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Premium Aloe Vera Gel Organic.

No added water, restructures the epidermis.

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Unchanged formula - enhanced texture - Without added water & natural, excels hydrating and restructuring the epidermis. Obtained by gelifying Pure Aloe juice with Carragheenan, the red seaweed of our Atlantic coast (used like thickener agent in food).No chemical preservative such as the paraben, is added. This multi-uses gel is:

•A powerful moisturizer, whose high content of polysaccharides, stimulates the fibroblasts and allows a better cell regeneration giving tonicity and elasticity by increasing collagen production

•Effective against the insect bites and rashes. The earlier the application, the better the results are

•Helping to repair sunburns, redness or burns of any nature and accelerate healing with a rare effectiveness.
Our EasyPump of 100ml allow an easy use, during a journey or in the house and it is Inflight friendly.